Who We Are

GeekFit was founded by two software geeks who were frustrated by all of the contradictory diet and exercise advice out there.  So many people work very hard to follow conventional diet and exercise guidelines only to fail at managing their weight, and to then be told that they must not be following the program correctly.  What we’ve found is most attempts at weight management fail because people are following the wrong advice!

Some of our major influences are Gary TaubesMark Sisson and Doug McGuff.  You can check out some more on our resources and references page.

Lowell with Gary Taubes and Stephen Guyunet at UW Medicine

Lowell with Gary Taubes and Stephen Guyunet at UW Medicine

We believe in science. We believe in results. We believe that everybody deserves good health, and that it doesn’t need to be difficult to be healthy– you can work with your body, not fight against it.  We believe that if everybody followed our advice then we could really cut into that 17% of GDP that the United States spends on health care!

Lowell at GeekFitLowell Meyer had extensive experience as a fat, lazy geek before getting re-introduced to Chris and discovering a few new theories on nutrition and fitness in 2008. After resigning himself to being a “fat, happy geek” (at 250 lbs.) as opposed to an “unhappy, slightly less fat geek,” (at 225 lbs. and hating my endless workouts and diets) he was thrilled to discover that there are smarter approaches to nutrition and exercise than what is conventionally taught. By following what was to become the core of the GeekFit plan, Lowell became our first great success story as he lost 70 pounds happily and without hunger (down to 180 lbs.) and then built enough strength to break Chris in half (back up to 195 lbs. now).

These changes did not go unnoticed by Lowell’s friends and family, and he soon found himself giving frequent consultations to nearly everybody he knew. As more and more people improved their body composition, health risk factors and day-to-day health, he realized that he needed to increase the scalability of his efforts. So here we are!

Lowell studied Biochemistry and Pre-Med at Rice University (working in Dr. Gomer’s research lab on the side, and co-authoring a paper) but eventually switched over to Computer Science.  He was an avid cyclist at a young age, being the youngest to complete the 75 mile event of the Tour the Tucson at age 12.  In high school Lowell was co-captain of the Crew (rowing) team, and studied martial arts in college.  Over the past several years he has applied his geek skills to nutrition, health, and fitness, and is also now an ACT Certified Personal Trainer.

Chris TremonteChris Tremonte‘s own mother once called him “pear-shaped” as a child, and she was right. This bit of tough love activated Chris’s interest in nutrition and exercise that took him through high school rowing, collegiate swimming and now professional triathlon. Although Chris himself has now been rather slender for years, he’s been confounded by the “fat cyclist” or “fat triathlete” paradox, and downright frightened by the sudden cardiac deaths of various well-known runners who appeared to be in perfect health. There must be another piece to the puzzle!

Chris found that missing piece when a colleague recommended a few books on carbohydrate metabolism. This led to a great deal more reading and to test runs with friends and family that slowly broke his “calories in, calories out” mentality and showed that there is a better way. A *much* better way.

Chris holds a BS in Computer Science and Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University and a USA Triathlon Elite License, and sits on the board of directors of the Professional Triathlon Association.