Exercise Overview

The idea behind our GeekFit workout is to maximize your results while minimizing your risk of injury and your time investment.

At your first visit, one of our certified personal trainers will explain the workout to you in detail, instruct you on proper form and set you up safely on each machine. Your trainer will help you figure out a reasonable starting weight for each exercise and will help you learn how hard you can push yourself.  Trainers will monitor form and performance to ensure safety and optimal stimulus.  Trainers will also track your results and help make adjustments from one workout to the next to optimize progress.

The structure of our workout is to do five exercises to failure over a span of about 15 minutes. You first session will take a bit longer, as you learn how it all works.

Ideally you should be lifting a heavy enough weight so that you reach what we call “negative failure” after 60 to 90 seconds of work. You do this on each of the five machines with about a minute rest in between each, and you’re done in less than 15 minutes! Then it is time to rest and recover until your next workout.  Depending on the individual, optimal rest ranges from 5-14 days, with 7 days being typical.  This works out great for a once-a-week workout schedule.

For each exercise, we will be tracking three things:

  • amount of weight
  • time under load
  • number of repetitions

Time Under Load (TUL) is the critical number here. We are trying to exhaust as many of your muscle fibers as possible, by using a heavy enough weight so that even your slow-twitch fibers can’t fully recover.  In order to maximize results and minimize injury risk, we follow a protocol where you spend ~4-10 seconds on the eccentric (or positive) contraction and ~4-10 seconds on the concentric (negative) contraction.  A slow, smooth movement keeps your muscles working while minimizing the accelerations that can lead to injury.

For more on why we use this approach, check out “Why We Do It” above.

The five exercises that comprise the workout:

Nautilus Nitro Mid Row Nautilus Nitro Mid Row
Nautilus Nitro Vertical Chest Press Nautilus Nitro Vertical Chest Press
Nautilus Nitro Lat Pulldown Nautilus Nitro Lat Pulldown
Nautilus Nitro Overhead Press Nautilus Nitro Overhead Press
Med-X Leg Press Med-X Leg Press(modified with extended weight stacks)

GeekFit hand-selected these exercise machines from Nautilus and Med-X for the following reasons:

  • Together, these 5 exercises exhaust nearly every muscle in the body.
  • The controlled motion of the machines significantly improves safety over free weights, while the protocol we use still recruits and exhausts all support muscles– achieving the benefits of free weights without the risk
  • The cams or four-bar linkages on these machines were carefully designed to accurately match the muscular strength curves across each range of motion. This means you get an even better exercise stimulus by failing over your entire range of motion at the same time, rather than just at your weakest point.
  • Weight stacks (with easy to adjust pins) are much faster and easier to work with than plate-loaded machines.
  • These machines are the best on the market, with very low friction operation, which is critical when performing slow repetitions to failure.