What We Do

GeekFit offers a variety of services to help you live a healthier, happier life.

GeekFit Personal Training

GeekFit offers private, efficient workouts with one of our ACT-certified trainers.  Our research and experience has found that a 20-minute workout once per week is the safest and most efficient way to achieve optimal fitness. The workout is very intense but likely in a different way than anything you have experienced. Many of our clients choose to work out in their work clothes — despite the intensity of the workout, it is unlikely you will even break a sweat. Not having to “dress out” saves you time and lets you quickly get back to whatever you like to spend your time doing — coding, playing Rock Band, reading old XKCD comics online, finding awesome YouTube videos … you know, awesome geeky things!

Our approach to exercise incorporates the latest research, and is heavily influenced by Doug McGuff’s excellent book, Body By Science, Fred Hahn’s Slow Burn, and other similar HIT-style programs.

For more information about what to expect, check out our Exercise Overview.

GeekFit studio interior

GeekFit Nutrition and Health Education

In addition to being geeks, we’re educators at heart. Chris & Lowell both come from families with lots of teachers and both worked many semesters as Teaching Assistants in college, getting rather enthusiastic ratings from our students. Much of our work at Microsoft has centered on synthesizing information and sharing it with others. In more recent years, our passion for exercise and nutrition has led us to consume a dizzying array of primary and secondary sources on these topics and we think that we’ve synthesized a very solid few on how our nutritional choices affect our health.

Our goal on the nutrition side of GeekFit is pretty simple: teach people how to live healthier & more awesome lives by gaining a better understanding of optimal human nutrition. We’re educators, but we’re not giving out college credits and there won’t be any pop quizzes. Our goal is to reach and help as many people as possible, so we’re sharing out everything that we write and any of our talks via our website. For now you can use our Search box on the left to find articles, but we’re working to put together a more friendly & discoverable layout.

We’re not nutritionists or dieticians and we’re not going to give you a specific eating plan to follow, but we’re eager to talk through to evidence for and against any of the ideas out there and we’ll point you at what we believe to be some of the best information available. If you have questions that haven’t been answered by our public content or by other sources that you’ve found or if you’re having trouble deciding between conflicting arguments, we’re happy to do a 1:1 or small-group consultation in-person, over the phone or over email. We’ll talk through each side of the argument and why we believe what we believe, and you can make your best decision from there.

Our goal is to teach you how to help yourself, so that you don’t need us. If you can fix all of your nutrition-induced health problems by reading our content and you never need to contact us — that is fantastic. But if you have questions, we’re here to help. You can contact us by phone at 425-2-GEEK-ON or by email at info@geekfit.us.

Owners Chris and Lowell (and friends) with Gary Taubes

Owners Chris and Lowell (and friends) with Gary Taubes

A Testimonial

On exercise: “When I first heard about the exercise program, I was skeptical. Here is a program promising better results than my more traditional lifting plan in only a fraction of the time commitment per week. I had been lifting weights off and on since middle school, and followed the old dogma of  doing “3 sets of ~10 reps”. I was spending probably about two hours in the gym each week, and not making any sizable gains in strength. After switching to the Geekfit regimen, I have not only gotten much stronger, but I have accomplished it with less than 20 minutes of lifting per week! This exercise program really works and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to my friends and family.”

On nutrition: “The Geekfit nutrition program has forever changed the way I look at food. Which is quite an accomplishment since I graduated college with a degree in human nutrition, and always thought that I was eating a pretty healthy diet. I was taught the standard dogma of low-fat, whole grains, lots of veggies..etc. I would exercise for probably 5-10 hours a week and even with my “healthy” diet I was about 10lbs overfat, and just couldn’t lose that extra weight. Whenever I would exercise more, my body would just respond my increasing my hunger. I was known as a guy that was always hungry and would end up feeling like I had to snack every couple of hours between meals. It was hard for me to initially accept that eating a low-carb high fat diet was not detrimental, but actually very beneficial to my health.

After listening to what Geekfit was offering, and doing a little research on the side (I am a science major, and naturally skeptical of most things people say, especially regarding dietary advice) I became convinced that I was doing it all wrong and started to follow their dietary advice. In just a few short months I had lost about 20lbs of fat, far surpassing my original goal. My energy level has both stabilized and improved. Even better, I no longer feel like I have to constantly snack to keep my energy up. I now end up eating about 2 good meals a day without feeling hungry or tired in-between. It is so liberated to not have to plan my day around food, and not have to carry snacks with me where ever I went.

Bottom line: The diet works for me, it is backed up by good science, and it has transformed my life for the better. I think it is so good that I have to restrain myself from not telling everyone i meet all about it, instead of just talking about it when asked (close friends and family get the spiel regardless).”