Microsoft StayFit Reimbursement

This year, Microsoft Benefits is offering a new StayFit Reimbursement option. You must select it during Open Enrollment, before Nov 30th.

The up-to-$800 reimbursement option is mutually exclusive from the gym membership options and from the old $200 StayFit Credit. The old credit was just automatically added to your paycheck whereas the new, bigger reimbursement will require you to submit receipts to the reimbursement processor, ADP. You can also fill out a web form describing the expense in lieu of providing a paper reciept.

select "StayFit Reimbursement ($800*)" from the list

You can read more detailed information from Microsoft HR about this program at

We are also happy to answer your questions via email at

If you’ve never tried GeekFit, well come on over and check us out! We’re only a hop, a skip and a jump away from Main Campus & West Campus. You can try your first four sessions for a special price of $100+tax. Our regular price is then $160/month for solos or $128/person/month for couples or friends who work out together. The StayFit reimbursement will cover 5-6 months of private weekly personal training sessions, depending on whether you work out solo or with a friend/spouse. What a bargain!

Here are a few awesome reasons why you should pick the GeekFit (and the Reimbursement) over your other StayFit options:

  • Results: The GeekFit protocol is incredibly effective and it is also much easier to stick with than other more time-consuming and less convenient options.
  • Convenience: Easy parking, no traffic jams, no labyrinthine hallways
  • Privacy: Your GeekFit workout takes place in a private room with just you and your trainer, not on the open gym floor in front of a bunch of strangers.
  • Time Efficiency: Real results in one twenty-minute session per week. No need to change clothes before and after — you won’t break a sweat!
  • Cost: GeekFit is much less expensive than other personal training options. Our short sessions are less expensive than hour-long sessions and you only need one per week instead of two or three with The Other Guys.
  • Accountability: An appointment with a GeekFit trainer is harder to postpone or blow off than an abstract plan/goal to hit the gym along after work.
  • Safety: Our strength training protocol was designed to minimize risk of injury. It has been used with elderly patients to conserve or even increase bone and muscle mass and to improve quality of life. Every workout is closely supervised by one of our trainers, ensuring that you maintain good form.
  • Geekiness: We’re constantly reading up on the science behind exercise and nutrition. We’re always looking for ways to be even more effective. Let us be your Fitness Geeks, so that you can spend your time geeking out on your own passions.

Again, feel free to direct any questions to us at You can also email that alias to set up your first workout session. We offer a Four Session Starter Pack that gets you four private workouts for $100+tax. This gives you the opportunity to see how well our program works for you, before deciding whether to continue at our regular rates of $160/month (solo) or $128/person/month (couples or friends).


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